Sunday, December 19, 2004

Electronic Life Forms

"'Elf' is a two-part installation developed in the context of the research project 'electronic-life-forms' by Pascal Glissmann and Martina Höfflin. On one hand, the 'elfs' are documented in their natural habitat, and the fading contrast of electronics and nature gives the scenario a surprising common impression. On the other hand, the imprisonment of these life forms in Weck-Preserving-Glasses reminds one of childhood adventures, exploring and discovering the world around us. The light-sensitive 'elfs' desperately use their chaotic sounds and noisy movements to call the attention of the outside world."

It's a good thing Sauceruney is still blogging; otherwise I might have missed out on this . . .

In fact, I find myself inspired to try out some of my own cyber-concept art. Imagine dozens -- or even hundreds -- of insects "tagged" with miscellaneous defunct electronic components! I could totally do this.*

And what a way to shed my present image as The Guy Who Writes About Martians. Is Kansas City ready for The Guy Who Glues Microcircuitry To Bugs?

*And get the good people at PETA breathing down my neck . . .

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