Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Two brand-new websites to check out

I thought that Keanu Reeves played the protagonist in the "Matrix" movies. Evidently I was mistaken. As the title banner for PAG E-News clearly demonstrates, the "Matrix's" Neo was in fact played by UFO lawyer and commentator Peter A. Gersten. I've been getting Peter's email newsletter for a long time; he rounds up some exquisitely high-weirdness news items, and does so daily. Have fun.

Also, ufologist Larry Hatch has just unveiled his UFO specific *U* / Gigablast Search, a UFO-dedicated search engine designed to help filter out stupid UFO sites. (Imagine, if you can, checking out paranormal sites without enduring "eerie" MIDI soundtracks and animated "X-Files" graphics . . .)

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