Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I'll be collaborating (albeit in a limited capacity) on Twentythrees, a graphical blog that documents synchronistic recurrences of the number 23.

The image above is a typical example. I created it using typoGenerator, a Web-based application that takes a keyword, conducts a search for relevant images, and randomly "stylizes" the results. In this case, the input was the word "replicant," the term for the androids in "Blade Runner." Weirdly, the number 23 appears, totally unbidden.

I'm also about to set to work on a story on the "23 phenomenon" for the print version of "Phenomena" magazine. If you have any wacky "23 stories" to share, let me know; they might make it into the finished article.

Note: I experienced a synchronicity involving 23 while making this post. While checking the MS My Documents folder on my desktop, I suddenly noticed the only unfiled graphic was a new picture of the Cydonia region on Mars with the file-name "R23 context."

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