Wednesday, December 22, 2004

EU Pleads for Global Warming Agreement--US Says No

"The US administration continues to claim that global warming is a matter for debate, even though there is no longer any scientific question that it is happening, or that human-generated pollution is a significant contributor to the warming process."

I don't think the rest of the world realizes how profoundly twisted things have become in the US. To Bush and his pals, the end of the world is eminently desirable because that means Jesus is on his way, complete with flaming sword. So global warming -- and other serious environmental threats -- are unflinchingly neglected.

It's not a (relatively) simple matter of choosing to look the other way for fear of what might be seen; those in control actively want this. Mind-blowing? Certainly. But then again so was W's "re"-election; we should be practically numb to absurdity by now.

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