Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I got this email today:

hello! my name is Elena, I'm from Russia. I looked your profile on dating site. So, you are look like as my type. let's get acquainted! It's probably you'll like me if you see my pics and find out a little about me. Please write me back!

Sounds like a teaser for an erotic website, doesn't it?

The weird thing is that I think it could possibly be for real. I've had two Russian single women email me to profess their desire to meet American singles, and, to my surprise, both turned out to be real people. (How serious they were about "dating" is another issue, but they weren't hawking porn or asking for money.) So I wrote "Elena" a quick message in reply just to see where this goes -- which is probably nowhere fast.

The bone-chilling irony is that I probably have a better chance at meeting someone in Siberia than in my own hometown. (Insert Morrissey lyric here.)

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