Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Author/blogger/musician and friend of Posthuman Blues John Shirley just sent me this:

The Weinstein Company, the new company built around the producers of The Lord of the Rings, has optioned John Shirley's Del Rey books novel DEMONS for a "high five figure sum". Jim Sonzero has committed to direct. Shirley's novel IN DARKNESS WAITING is in development at Gold Circle productions ("My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and "White Noise"), and the script by Matt Venne ("White Noise 2") has just been completed. A third production company, part of a major studio, has inquired about the rights for his novel CRAWLERS but details are under wraps as of now. John Shirley's new novel THE OTHER END will be out in its first edition from Cemetary Dance in 2006. His novel John Constantine, Hellblazer: War Lord will be out from Pocket Books in February 2006.

"Demons" and "In Darkness Waiting" are great books that beg big-screen adaptation. Congratulations, John!

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