Thursday, January 12, 2006

Orion Nebula shines in its grandest portrait

Scientists have created the most detailed portrait ever of the closest known star factory, the Orion Nebula. They have also uncovered new details about the stellar winds responsible for carving out the nebula's ghostly skyscapes.

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Ken said...

Beautiful image, eh? Deep space is so gorgeous in its deadly uncaring. Fellow name of Lewis, over at says he sees a protoplanetary disk in this pic, though he didn't precisely point it out. Lotsa dust and activity there, so mayhap he's correct; surely a possibility, I should think. Here's his links.

Which has an interactive zoom feature which works well. The full story is at and all images at

Certainly glad I've a 155 Gb second drive, but at this rate, won't be long until I need buy another, larger one. Wow. Have I got a lotta pur-dee pit-chers!