Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Western U.S. to get comet capsule light show

When a NASA capsule hauling comet and interstellar dust plummets through the Earth's atmosphere this weekend, residents in large sweeps of the West will witness a cosmic spectacle.

During the Stardust capsule's blazing re-entry at 1:57 a.m. PST Sunday, it will travel at 29,000 mph, making it the fastest man-made object to return to Earth.

The 100-pound cargo will arc over Northern California toward Utah's Dugway Proving Ground, a remote Army base southwest of Salt Lake City.

Forget that weird red dust -- these space-germs mean business! ;-)


Ken said...

So, I understand that in March the Stardust Project will distribute electronic images to public volunteers, so that we might assist in finding particles. You have to pass a test, etc., all work is double checked, so forth. If you find a real particle (I don't yet know the standards), you get to name it. Thus, any future treatises which might mention that particle would be required to refer to it as ..... Elmo!

BTW: he drug home a Bison leg yesterday. Loves gnawing on the hoof. *yuk* Fine addition to the lawn decor, it is.

Mac said...

I found out about the distributed particle-detection effort last night. It's probably a much better bet than SETI@home.