Monday, January 16, 2006

I had a horrifying -- yet oddly beautiful -- dream a couple nights ago. I was in a city watching some sort of climate disaster unfold. The sky was a seething rust-red; epic winds lofted debris and furniture through the air while people hid beneath inexorably crumbling buildings.

There was a sudden, intense flash of light on the horizon and I knew intuitively that a nuclear weapon had detonated. I watched dazedly for a moment and waited for the blastwave, which arrived several seconds later, rocketing me into the sky.

I awoke impressed by the dream's clarity; despite the violence, it had the contemplative stillness of a painting.


W.M. Bear said...

Wow, sounds major! I've had "disaster dreams" of various sorts too, including "nuke dreams"!
Although they can be scary, they can actually be kind of cool too, in the sense of being an adventure at least. Yours sounds like the cool type, in part anyway.

I wonder who (if anyone) has written about analyzing/interpreting disaster dreams?

Anonymous said...

that sounds like it sucks

W.M. Bear said...

philena -- Dreaming of a nuclear attack is not at all the same thing as being IN a real nuclear. The symbolism of dreams displaces the ordinary meaning of things. Even spiritual illumination can appear in a dream as the "flash" of nuclear exlosion. On a deeper level, nothing is as it seems in this world anyway.

Anonymous said...

Oh.. I understand.. It's just a messed up dream.. :) Maybe it means new beginnings for you?