Saturday, January 21, 2006

Today is my first day of cohabitation, although most of it has been spent stressing over last-minute errands. Luckily we have a strong Wi-Fi signal from our new first-floor digs, so I guess I can go ahead and cancel my MSN subscription. Right now I'm on the futon watching the rather excruciating spectacle of our cats establishing territorial boundaries.

I've still got tons of books to move from my old residence (which I can keep until the end of the month). My broken arm isn't helping matters, but I think I'm on the mend. I'm still amazed by how many comments from strangers I get about my splint; they always expect a dramatic story, and I have to tell them I slipped in the shower while reaching for a towel.*

*100% true.


Unknown said...

It beats "I broke my leg getting out of bed" (*true story LOL)

Best wishes on continued recovery!
And cograts on the move!

jason said...

You could tell people that you were reaching for a towel so you could swat away the Martian Spiders that had invaded your home in order to "silence" you...

Mac said...


Oh, I've come up with some dramatic substitutes. I just don't have the nerve to use them. How about: "I was in my lab when..."