Friday, January 13, 2006

Our bug-eyed admirers

Sedona is like many other small tourist towns, but scratch the surface and you find a very alternate reality. The other day I found a leaflet advertising Julie, a "licensed alien abduction counselor," who has "been received by the Intergalactic Space Brotherhood as an ambassador for all alien contactees." In November, I dropped in on a meeting of the Arizona chapter of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, which rented a parish hall from St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. The lecture was on Atlantis and UFOs, and when the speaker asked the crowd of about 20 upright-seeming citizens if they'd ever been on a spaceship, four raised their hands. We watched a video of a regal-looking woman who, under hypnosis, spoke Atlantian, which to the untrained ear sounds like a cross between Basque and Mandarin.

Yep. No place like Sedona!


W.M. Bear said...

I thought everyone knew that the Basques were direct descendants of the few surviving Atlanteans.

Mac said...

Remembering our multidimensional heritage is simply a matter of altering our genetic paradigm vibrations.