Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Strange Setup: Andromeda's Satellite Galaxies All Lined Up

That nearly 80 percent of Andromeda's satellite galaxy mass is located within a single plane is highly unusual and can't be accounted for by traditional theories of galaxy formation, Grebel said.

(Via The Anomalist.)

OK -- you know where I'm going with this: What if this is some sort of engineering marvel constructed by an intergalactic hypercivilization? Rest assured, I don't think this is a likely (or even very tenable) explanation. But it's fun to consider.


JEFM said...

That's cool Mac. Still, don't you think they would do something even MORE dramatic and astonishing?

Unknown said...

God likes practical jokes...she sat back one day and thought "What will screw with their heads really good?"


JohnFen said...

Hey Mac, when did you join the I.D. camp? :)

Mac said...


Oh, *very* funny. :-)