Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hands-down site of the day: Chuck Norris Facts. (Click here to read a disclaimer by a dissatisfied Boing Boing reader.)

Chuck Norris' real website is arguably funnier than the spoof. Peruse the religion section at your own risk.


Ken said...

I like the Chuck Norris Facts so much, that I saved them to my hard drive. Now, I'll force everyone on the island to read it and weep, or it's a Roundhouse Kick to the FACE!

As for the religion page, all I found was the United Fighting Arts Foundation. Never heard of that church ... but then, I'm a pagan. Oh, GOD! Now I have to give myself a Roundhouse Kick to the Face! *oohhh* :-(

Paul Kimball said...


I checked out Norris' page (honest, I thought he was dead). Good grief!

And here I thought that Michael Moriarty was the biggest wackos amongst celebrities.



Mac said...

Evidently Norris doesn't know how to hyperlink.

If you click on "Christian Area" on the start page you get karate stuff. But once you're "inside" the site the nav-bar takes you to an appallingly stupid roundup of godly links.