Thursday, January 12, 2006

Global warming sowing disease, extinctions, researchers say

Global warming has triggered epidemics that killed off dozens of amphibian species in tropical America, and is fomenting disease among other animals, researchers say.

It's all part of an unpredictable spiral of warming-induced epidemics, they add -- and there are signs that the phenomenon is starting to touch humans, who are far from immune to it.

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Unknown said...

I saw a sad piece on the news, showing a biologist in a Central American rainforest, doing studies on the effects of glbal warming.

She has noticed several species of plant and animal life that are becoming extinct. She is trying to save a breed of orchids by hand-misting them, as the natural fog and mist they thrived with is vanishing.

Let's hope that none of the species that become extinct holds the cure for cancer.