Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Classic Kimball:

Today's Majic Number is 74

Here's the thing (and a good clue why no-one takes ufology seriously anymore, including more than a few ufologists): the aliens are supposedly smart enough to travel all the way here from there - even pro-ETH ufologists admit that this would require a pretty advanced civilization, with technological capabilities significantly beyond our own - and yet they get here and then proceed to crash all over the place.


infotheorem said...

its a long drive, maybe they fall asleep behind the wheel

Paul Kimball said...


Assuming you mean "classic Kimball" in a good sense, thanks!

Now - release Zorgrot!!


Mac said...

Yes, definitely in a good sense. Could we have crashed ET hardware? Maybe. But this issue is becoming carnivalesque.

W.M. Bear said...

Lasers, transistors, nanotech, quantum computing -- So when are we finally going to reverse engineer that anti-grav drive?

Mac said...

Who says we haven't?