Sunday, September 18, 2005

New Company Sets Enormous Goal: Settling Mars

All companies set goals, but newly formed 4Frontiers Corp. is eyeing some expansive horizons. The company's mission: to open a small human settlement on Mars within 20 years or so.

Sure, it may sound far-fetched. And the company's initial plans are a lot more terrestrial than ethereal, like developing a 25,000-square-foot replica of a Mars settlement here on Earth, then charging tourists admission.

But the people behind the venture are quite serious -- as serious as the $25 million they want to raise from investors.

I wonder if they're looking for an "author-in-residence."

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Boogey_Man said...

I seem to recall an episode of Future-rama. The gang is at the university of Mars and the professor tells them "Once Mars was like Utah, cold barren and foreboding. Unlike Utah it was eventually made habitable through terra forming".