Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I'll probably see "Corpse Bride" sometime this week. I thoroughly liked "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"; Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka elicited some of the affinity I experienced for "Edward Scissorhands'" title character.

I'm fascinated by Tim Burton's cinematic vocabulary; he shamelessly reuses old tricks but manages to infuse them with novelty. I particularly liked the scene in "Charlie" when Wonka is cutting the ribbon to his Gothic-looking factory with a pair of giant scissors in what has to be a deliberate homage to "Edward." And the CGI opening sequence, with its eccentric chocolate bar assembly line, recalls both the automated cookie factory from "Edward" and the armada of brushed-steel flying saucers from the beginning of "Mars Attacks!"

(Burton can fail -- the first two "Batman" movies and "Planet of the Apes," while fun to look at, are essentially pretty vapid. Burton's vision is best conveyed by simple storylines, and the Mervyn Peake-like surrealism of "Edward Scissorhands" and the inspired whimsy of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" are, in my opinion, among his best offerings.)


Dominus said...

Mac, you're a real smart guy, but when you put down the first Batman and sing praises to the crap fest that's trying to usurp Gene Wilder... well...

"Never rub another man's rhubarb"

Ummm... Mars sucks! Now you know how I feel.

Aydreeyin said...

Don't forget Ed Wood.

My favorite Tim Burton movie is actually the short film included in The Nightmare Before Christmas DVD entitled Vincent, which is narrated by Vincent Price.

I still haven't seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but loved Edward Scissorhands and Sleepy Hollow.

Mac said...

Gene Wilder's Wonka was brilliant. No offense intended.

But I'm not a "Batman" fan, despite its awesome visuals. Sorry.

Shpwrek said...

your book sucked! i wan't a refund!

The Andy-Christ said...

Well, I'm gonna agree with Mac, at least! I loved Edward, loved Nightmare, haven't seen Wonka yet, but I loved the original...if anyone can compete with Gene Wilder's madness in that film, its Depp. Look forward to Corpse Bride. BTW, I think Mars Attacks was a milestone in the destruction of my first marriage! I loved it! It was fucking hillarious, but my ex just couldn't grasp it...we both saw the light thanks to that film, maybe!

Mac said...

your book sucked! i wan't a refund!

Whoah -- tough crowd.

*nervously adjusts bowtie*

W.M. Bear said...

Flaming as an Internet sport. Wasn't there an obnoxious type posting here a while back who mentioned a Webring or some such where bad online manners are de rigeur? It's the new cool or something. (NOT!)

Re the latest Tim Burton artwork, I'm waiting for the sequel: "Runaway Corpse Bride."