Tuesday, September 20, 2005

We will devise a ritual to transcend the double-standard of grief, to transform their dead into our dead, and our dead into theirs. And then we will challenge those around us to do the same.


W.M. Bear said...

For what it's worth, I signed and forwarded the URL to a friend. Frankly, I don't much buy the "peace and love" rhetoric though. I feel the real source of world conflict is power-hungry politicians (who shall remain nameless to whom two minutes of silence means little). Not people who if THEY had any real power would probably pass laws prohibiting the use of fly swatters. The greatest philosophers have thrown up their hands at this conundrum and I regrettably join them. I do stuff like this anyway, including joining peace marches, but I believe nothing is served by adopting a wholly unreal. perspective.

Mac said...

Unhappily, I have to agree with you. As The Creative Activist (see sidebar) says in its manifesto, "protest is broken."

Fighting "the system" has never been more difficult, in part because young people *don't fucking care*.

W.M. Bear said...

If this were the '70s, Bush would've been impeached by now and Cheney too probably.