Tuesday, September 06, 2005


"In 1996, a group of seven U.S. Air Force officers, who had prepared a research paper about weather warfare, issued a report, which concluded that there was technology under development that would provide 'warriors of the future' with the means to control the course of military conflicts, including through the use of weather modification."


Boogey_man said...

Controle the weather you controle the battlefield, you win the war.

Then again the weather is such a complicated and chaotic system having humans trying to controle it is like having a chimp trying to fly a 747.

razorsmile said...

chimp DNA differs by ours by less than 4%. Having their brains make that leap is a matter of neurological mastery - and time, always time.

Humans controlling the weather is a matter of computational power and again, time.

weevee: ohdanklf (what a german says when an elf says his/her life - oh danke Elf!)

W.M. Bear said...

Conspiracy Theory #H2005 -- Katrina was actually the result of a top-secret U.S. hurricane-control experiment gone awry.

Mac said...


But of course!

bloguay.com/mueblesmadrid601 said...

I fully tie in with everything you have printed.