Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's brightly colored!

It's aesthetically diverting!

It's ideal for climate refugees!

It's Electroland's Urban Nomad Shelter! (Select "Urban Nomad" under the main "Projects" menu.)

"The 'Urban Nomad' inflatable shelter is conceived as both a social and humanitarian act. As a social act, the intention is to distribute thousands of these brightly colored structures in order to foster a dialog about the invisibility and marginalization of the homeless."

Hey, Electroland! I've got New Orleans on the phone; they want to buy in bulk!

1 comment:

magnidude said...

Yeah. Those cool young American architects with their neat design ideas... Look at the pictures! Gee...and in Poland, being too, young and cool, and, last but not least, an architect, I earn circa 350 dollars/month. LOL.

Here nobody seems to bother about neat ideas either...