Thursday, September 15, 2005

Earth Asteroid Bombardment Mystery Solved?

Scientists turned planetary detectives say they may have solved a solar system whodunit: What caused a cataclysmic asteroid assault on Earth and neighboring planets some 3.9 billion years ago?

Researchers suspect that the devastating bombardment, which lasted between 20 and 200 million years, originated in the main asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.

(Via The Anomalist.)


razorsmile said...

Ah. So it was premeditated then.

weevee: pwpfx (plot what plot - all you need are special fx)

Gerald T said...

Hi Mac, just checking in, have the latest from Mars today, a photo of what I think is the best most well preserved machine yet. No this is not a spy bot, although I am behaving a bit like one right now.

After looking at my Mars site, I have a nice mutual life insurance site…hahahah!

PS, the name of the artifact, UYPP, stands for; Up Yours know who!

catalytic said...

Keeping track of earth bombardment is sort of a hobby of mine. I tend to disagree with the conclusions of this article, and their fine assurances that we have no worries. My thoughts are more in line with the British MP who says, ”We’re living in a bowling alley.”

razorsmile said...

No, I don't. Who's PP?

W.M. Bear said...

gerald t -- I was just looking at your excellent blog again. You've made some amazing (to me anyway) "catches" of objects in recent rover pix, some of which strike me as being there's no way in hell that they're not artificial. Mars looks to me like its LITTERED with exploded or slagged machine parts and that may indeed be exactly what we're seeing if there was a "Martian apocalypse. And event like that WOULD have littered the landscape with these bits and pieces of ancient civilization. (BTW, who IS PP?) said...

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