Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sweden's new funeral rite - bodies freeze-dried, powdered and made into tree mulch

A town in Sweden plans to become the first place in the world where corpses will be disposed of by freeze-drying, as an environmentally friendly alternative to cremation or burial.

And they do this by dunking you in liquid nitrogen, thereby turning you into glass, and then smashing you into powder. Actually, if you're not into immortality, this isn't a bad way to go.


JEFM said...

I like my own method Mac. Cremated, then put into a silver "bullet" and someone (actually 3 persons) have instructions to put the silver bullet in a glacier.

I dunno, I like that.


Ken said...

Well, this does not surprise me. As I understand it, Sweden annually televises the National Enema Competition, wherein medical staff vie for first place. I don't know the standards. Or TV ratings. Once I heard about that, I lost all ability to be surprised by the Swedes' actions. It's embarrassing, really, as I'm half Swedish, myself.

Mulch! Gives a whole new meaning to "Pushing up Daisies". :-D

I suppose it's alright, what the hell. It isn't as if we'd care, by then. Good as any, I suppose. Jon's idea sounds fine to me. Myself, I'd rather prefer to be taken 200 miles offshore and dropped into the Aleutian Trench. After all, I've killed so many fish, that it's only fair .... :-D

One thing I DON'T want is to be buried intact. I can see it now. Two archaeologists dig me up. #1: "Well. This one had broken legs and false teeth." #2: "Yes. Looks like he was crazy, too. Let's put his skull under glass, so everybody can see what we've avoided these days. We could sell post cards of such lunatic primitives, too."

Nope, nope. Don't want that. Jon, BTW: Why 3 people? If your ashes are in one bullet, I don't understand. Or, if that's personal, never mind.

Mac said...

Hey, I kinda like the glacier idea. You do realize, of course, that with runaway global warming there's a good chance of your being "exhumed" rather early in the game... ;-)

JEFM said...

That's the point Mac! You will slowly go back into the sea ... where all life came from ... in a metaphoric process of "involution" ...


JEFM said...

Oh, Ken ... 3 persons have instructions on what to do with me, as a fail-safe. That way one would carry the mission if the others are not there. I even gave them legal powers to such a thing and spent some money into a fund (which is slowly growing) to have everything paid for by then.

On another note. I was hoping Mac that the aliens would come to this planet someday, maybe in the future and could bring me back to life ... if I am lucky (un-lucky?) enough...

And hey, I had the idea before Kubrik/Spielberg!


I TOTALLY agree with Ken. No way they're digging me up intact, no sir.