Friday, September 16, 2005

Here's a picture of "Elizabeth" (on the left) looking sultry. I think the picture's a year old or so; I found it in a Google search.

Last weekend I took in her new show, which was totally enjoyable. Her next "gig" is choreographing a piece for the Plaza Art Fair. I like the deliberately ambiguous titles she gives her performances. And the offbeat costuming. From what little original material I've seen (on tape), her vision is similar to that of David Lynch: understated, ghostly, quietly eccentric without parodying itself.


JEFM said...

Wow, look at those legs!

Reminds me of my own ballerina lover (I miss her tons)... no offense Mac, but maybe there is a strange connection between ballerinas/dancers/artists and geeky neo-nerds like us?


Mac said...

"Neo-nerds" -- I like that!

JEFM said...

He he, feel free to use it anytime!