Sunday, February 03, 2008

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Mexico: Luminous UFO Lands at Cerro Pie de Minas

Eyewitness accounts suggest that drivers halted their vehicles all the way to the Federal Highway in order to take a look at the intense light source that traveled across various parts of the locality at an estimated altitude of 300 meters. They describe a saucer-shaped craft that passed over the town square slowly and silently before landing on a hill known as Pie de Minas, where it emitted flashes for over 30 hours.


mr. intense said...

So, a "ufo" was sitting on the ground for 30 hours, "emitting flashes," and there is no photographic or other evidence?

Why do I doubt the veracity of Scott Corales/Ana Luisa Cid's reporting? Because it is false.

Anonymous said...

Why bother submitting a pic when it'll get screamed down as a fake?

dad2059 said...

30 hours is quite a while.

Maybe most people didn't think it was a UFO?

Or scared to look closer?

W.M. Bear said...

The stories said that dozens (maybe more) of people took pictures and made video recordings. What made me suspect the story was the fact that it didn't seem to indicate where all those pictures and videos might be available? (And note that it said that MANY people took pictures, not just one person with a blurry, out-of-focus camcorder....)

My first reaction, just on the face value (or lack of it) of the reporting was, "made up out of whole cloth...."

mr. intense said...

That's my point--where is even a single photo? Where's the video? A ufo on the ground for 30 hours and no military intervention? The story reeks of fabrication.

I've been reading Scott Corrales reports for a few years now on UFO UpDates, and almost all of them do not pass the smell test. They are poorly documented hearsay without virtually any evidence. Corrales primarily seems to translate Spanish language newspaper articles on "ovnis" for posting on Cid's website. Here is a link to a Google machine translation of the article from Cid's site:

Judge for yourself if this translated newspaper article with Cid's commentary makes any sense to you. Again, there is virtually no documentation. Corrales association with "Professora" Ana Luisa Cid is very telling--she's the female equivalent of Jaime Maussan, another UFO advocate with a very poor reputation for veracity or reliability.

I'm not "screaming down" the report, I'm asking that people use their best judgement and logic in evaluating such a provocative report. 30 _hours_ on the ground? Yeah, right.

Inexplicata said...

Dear Mr. Intense - Allow me to clarify that all Mexican high school instructors go by "professor" (Profr. for males, Profra. for females) and Ana Luisa Cid is not giving herself an Adamski-like title, as you seem to suggest. There are six separate segments of interviews on YouTube regarding the Guerrero incident. I urge you to view them.
Scott Corrales - IHU