Sunday, February 03, 2008

Pilot restrained after 'talking to God' on flight to Heathrow

Passengers on the Air Canada flight from Toronto to London said the co-pilot was restrained after yelling and "invoking God" while at the controls of the Boeing 767 plane more than 30,000 feet above the Atlantic. The flight was forced to make an emergency diversion to Ireland's Shannon airport early on Monday and the unnamed crew member was taken to a nearby psychiatric unit.

(Via The Anomalist.)

Hey . . . if pilots can get forcibly removed from their job when they attempt to "invoke God," what about presidents?


dad2059 said...

Good point.

Sovereigns invoking divine guidance have been a major cause of death for 5,000 (likely more than that) years.

W.M. Bear said...

I'm put in mind of that pop-relious classic "God Is my Co-pilot." There's a brilliant joke lurking there vis-a-vis this story, but I can't think what it is....