Sunday, June 08, 2008

As a self-styled connoisseur of the esoteric, I probably should have been aware of an organism as weird as this. What a pleasure to have my ignorance shattered by the outrageously phallic splendor of the "geoduck."


David Biedny said...

Truth is stranger than fiction, Mac, and that organism is exceedingly weirder than anything I can ever recall seeing. What's odder, do a search for geoducks on Youtube, and see how folks consume these things. Geoduck sashimi - eccchhh!


TC said...

Is it just me or would Freud have a field day with this??

dmduncan said...

Mike Rowe did a typically funny segment on Geoducks sometime last year for his show, "Dirty Jobs."

Anonymous said...

obscure yes, esoteric no.

hey, I'm just a caveman lawyer, but the geoduck legend is long in the telling said...

Long ago, before civilization, the lonliest cavewomen of my tribe used to forage down by the ocean's shore, searching low and lower for the proverbial geoduck.

When they would find one, soon one could hear, deep behind the sand dunes and out of sight of us fearful mortal men, weird and eldritch shrieks of delight eeriily resounding in concert with the pounding of the waves...and thus goddess worship was born.

One thing, though--we were often reminded by the lonliest cave women of our tribe that as far as the geoduck was concerned, the letter "d" should actually be changed to an "f" to be be metaphorically most correct.

We gravely nodded in gratitude for this preternatural knowledge from beyond the stars...and thus was born religion, too, kinda...well, that's what I heard. Who really knows, anyways, huh?

Mac said...


I *knew* it! :-)