Sunday, June 22, 2008

Terence McKenna: "I think the alien is a being of pure information."


dad2059 said...

But where is this dimension of pure information and how do you access it?

Ancient shaman probably had the answers, but are we as a 'technical' culture willing to embrace that?

Steve Mills said...

I am currently working on a book that has just this premise, that Entities of this sort are pure information. Thanks for the video

Anonymous said...

Again, Terence shows his absolute bias towards a subject he never did truly give a fair shake. Referring to those people who have looked beyond the knee-jerk as failing some kind of Mckennan "intellegence test". Give me a break.

The more I hear from Terence's past rants the more clear it becomes that he didn't spend a single minute of his time here, pouring over publicly available FOI documents. If he had done so he could not so certainly maintain his alien paradigm. It's not a subtle airy fairy issue, it's nuts & bolts and full of ugly deceptions from all parties.

"That's not how it works.". Ok Terence, you're not around anymore so we'll go easy on you.


Mac said...

I appreciate where McKenna's coming from. I think he did, in fact, appreciate the physicality of the UFO phenomenon, but perceived it as merely an aspect of a much more expansive and important meta-phenomenon with huge implications for consciousness itself.