Saturday, June 14, 2008

Carl Sagan on the death of knowledge:


Tony F. said...

I have to express a deep feeling of gratitude I felt as I watched this clip. Gratitude for Carl Sagan, his life and work, gratitude for understanding, and gratitude towards you Mac for posting this and reminding me. I'm very grateful for you.

Mac said...

In turn, I'll thank UFO UpDates for linking to it. But the real credit is all Sagan's.

jon said...

Sagan might have had his good (or even great) moments, but he regurgitates an old shibboleth against the Christians when he blames them for the destruction of the library. There seems to be little doubt today that the library lost some of its volumes to Caesar's conquest of Egypt; many (if not most) to the 3rd-century siege of Alexandria by Emperor Aurelian; and the remainder to the invasion of Egypt by the Muslims in the 7th century. NO volumes are mentioned as being destroyed during the destruction of the temple adjacent to the library when Theodosius ordered pagan shrines and temples destroyed in 391.

Shame on Sagan for not doing his homework.