Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Greg Bishop sees a UFO. Lucky bastard.


Greg Bishop said...

Well, it was probably a meteorite, but it looked pretty spectacular.

Much rather see a saucer land in a park and aliens taking soil samples or something.

Anonymous said...

I saw a green fireball in the sky aproxamately 10 years ago. It was huge and fast and silent. A great ball of green fire with a very large tail trailing it as Mr. Bishop described. It appeared to be heading downward towards the ground. It traveled over most of the northeastern horizon and I was expecting an explosion when it hit the ground. But there was no explosion. I contacted the local meterologists the next day and none of them had any report but mine of any object travelling in the sky that night. If it was a meteor It would have landed, I would think. There were no reports of metoers landing. No reports of anything. I know I saw something. Do meteorites burn green upon entering the atmosphere? If they do, why all the study of the green fireballs in the 40's? If they do not, what was it I saw streaking across the sky that night those ten years ago? I have no answers, do you?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the enormous amount of debris we have cast into orbit eventually comes back at us in colors not normally associated with meteors.

My son saw a green one too!