Thursday, June 26, 2008

Scientific American: five 3D printers

Last month, the open source 3D printer RepRap made the first successful copy of itself. And it's not the only 3D printer technology emerging from the workshops of ingenious makers. Over at, JR Minkel posts a slideshow of five machines to "print" 3D objects, including the RepRap, Fab@Home, and, seen here, the amazing Candy Fab from Evil Mad Scientist Labs.


intense said...

This is so weird--about 20 years ago, the mother of the guy who runs Evil Mad Scientist labs used to work for me. Even then, I could see him eventually becoming an evil mad scientist--then he creates a machine that uses sugar to make 3D objects. Evil mad scientist with a sweet-tooth--those are the most dangerous kind!

Edward Ott said...

3d printing is the next big disruptive industry.