Friday, June 20, 2008

I Am Fundamentalist, And So Can You. (Peter Watts)

What are the odds that I'm a brain in a tank or a computer simulation, and some bored undergrad is fucking with my sensory inputs? Pretty damn low. What are the odds that an entire physical multiverse was created by means unknown by an omnipotent omniscient sentient entity that exists eternally, without any cause or creator of its own?



Anonymous said...


The end question though shouldn't be "what is the right answer?" but rather "how should I choose to live my life in a vacuum of inevitable uncertainty?".

Lately I've been thinking that ones singular life focus should be about the raw tangibility of "experience". Everything else is just a waste of time or at least that's the kind of thinking that "the creators" have left those of us with a brain to contend with.


dad2059 said...

Watts is a fracking hoot, he plays the devil's advocate better than I can on a good day!

Personally, I think it's more likely we're all Boltzmann Brains with false memories than Bostrum's simulations or God's dirt.

But who's to tell?