Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Setting Up Shop in the Apocalypse

That mall, we read, is "not just the world's largest. With fewer than a dozen stores scattered through a space designed to house 1,500, it is also the world’s emptiest -- a dusty, decrepit complex of buildings marked by peeling paint, dead light bulbs, and dismembered mannequins."

Word has it that up in the top level there's this guy called J.F. Sebastian.


Anonymous said...

Leaving world catastrophe aside, when I see a new building or structure, I often imagine what it will look like when it has fallen into ruins. It puts into perspective the transitive nature of all things.


Justin said...

That photo reminds me of the time I saw A Scanner Darkly in downtown Vancouver's Tinseltown, located in the failing "International Village". A massive, sparsely populated (by merchants and shoppers alike) mall right on the border between the good and bad parts of downtown. It was a very Philip K Dickian experience.