Sunday, June 15, 2008

Heads up: in his new journal entry, Whitley Strieber rambles about "drones" and crop circles.

Update: Diligent meme-watchers should enjoy this insightful retrospective of the "drone"/CARET/Strieber phenomenon.


Justin said...

I read Whitley Strieber's idiocy about the reality of the 'drones' and I look at real pictures of frickin' MARS and I just want to hit people.

"There were further claims that the drones were viral marketing for the Transformers film. As I am making a movie with the filmmakers, I asked them if this was true. They said not, and, in the end, the images were in no way related to the film."

... and all the rest. I give up on this guy. I've worked in 3D animation a bit, and I just can't believe this crap has dragged on for so long. This isn't rocket science people.

Lesley said...

I don't want to hit people, but I would need some real proof to believe in drones, or at least the drone he is referring to.

I love Whitley though. There really is nobody in ufology who is more interesting -- no matter what he believes in.

Lesley said...

One more thing -- It was good to see you in ufo mag!

I know you have lots of blog things going, but if you are ever interested in posting at the ufo mag blog ( just let me know and I will set you up with an account.

dad2059 said...

One must remember first and foremost that Strieber was a writer of fiction, as was L. Ron Hubbard.

I don't think Whitley is as bad a shyster as Hubbard was, but as time goes on, his writings are taking on that "guru" quality. Which IMHO should raise an alarm, or a hackle or two.

But he is entertaining, I'll give him that!

Mac said...

Strieber's no Hubbard, but there's no denying the decidedly commercial nature of his website or his apparent credulity. The two make for a rather disturbing cocktail.

As for the "drones," Strieber either wants to believe so badly he's become irrational or he's deliberately milking the subject to draw in readers. Either way he loses. The recent Sarbacher nonsense demonstrates, I think, that he's not above fabricating colorful anecdotes. (Whether this process is conscious or unconscious remains a question of some importance for anyone trying to make sense of his case.)


Has the issue been published alteady?

Lesley said...
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Lesley said...

Yeah, the issue is out. Mine came in the mail a few days ago.