Sunday, June 08, 2008

Someone please tell me this is a hoax . . .

US quits Human Rights Council

The news that the US has completely withdrawn from the Human Rights Council spread like wildfire Friday afternoon (June 6) through the corridors of the Palais des Nations in Geneva. There was general consternation amongst diplomats and NGOS. Reached by phone, the American mission in Geneva neither confirmed nor denied the report.


intense said...

Idiotic, cretinous Bushite foreshadowing? "Human rights? Shmuman blights..."

God, I can hardly wait for the eight-year "reign of idiocy and destructive insanity" to's probably gonna take more than eight years just to fix the fuckups Bush and crew have left the American public.

Those genocidal fucking maniacs--their leaving the political stage can come none too soon for me. I'm utterly and completely disgusted by those malignant fuckwads.

Go, Obama, go!

Mac said...

I'm afraid the W reign has permanently ruined me for politicians of all ideological stripes. I fear them and I want nothing to do with them -- and that includes Obama.