Saturday, March 31, 2007

Are They Coming and If So, What Do We Do? (Whitley Strieber)

It is possible that the visitors are about to show up. I am not saying that this will happen, but only that this is a time when it could happen, and there are some indications that it may be about to happen.

The indications are these: First, the large number of UFO sightings around the world, capped most recently by a report that there is an active UFO on the ground in southern Somalia. Is this report true? So far, it has not been possible to follow up, and probably the only way to get confirmation would be from a US military satellite, and we can forget that. Second, the sudden upsurge in official and semi-official statements, with the latest being Gov. Fife Symington's reiteration on Good Morning America this morning that he had seen a UFO.

So, all of the activity and public pronouncement suggest change.

Strieber should know better.

One of the relatively few writers who sometimes seems to grasp the human dynamic of the UFO experience, he nevertheless falls victim to the illusion of incipient disclosure. If the UFO phenomenon has taught us anything, it's that it resolutely eschews open contact; as Terence McKenna noted, we're instead asked to recognize what's already in front of us.

The UFO intelligence may taunt us occasionally -- indeed, it might be doing so now -- but its seeming promises invariably evaporate.

As Strieber concedes at the end of his essay, it's up to us, not the "aliens," to take the next step.


Doc Conjure said...

IMO Strieber's experiences, as portrayed in'Communion', are pretty much in line with the rest of Abductee accounts.

[Even the 'anal probe' aspect is indeed based on truth, i.e. 'electro-ejaculatory procedure' used to obtained sperm from animals and paralyzed men.]

However, from book #2 on his claims read more and more like fiction. I'm sorry, but I don't buy any 'secret school' b.s., nor do I believe he has/had a special relationship w/ the beings behind the UFO/Abduction phenomena. Either his 'fibs' arise from a strong desire to remain 'in control' of a frightening situation or he has been lying from day one.

With regard to his comments/questions of a forth-coming 'disclosure' of some sort, I can only say that the supposed consensus among abductees is that it will all go down in a way in which humanity will be completely caught off guard. This 'disclosre' is said to manifest itself in a skillfuly implemented program called, 'The Change.' Abductees are told that they are part of this program and thus are helping to bring it about. Many abductees report having secret information 'downloaded' into their brains, information they can only access for and/or during their prescribed role in this program. Of course this knowledge may in fact be a form of 'alien disinformation', and possibly even of the more commen human variety.

-Jason Gammon

Mac said...

Strieber's a complicated case. I don't think he's lying, but I certainly think that he's unconsciously embellished certain elements of his account.

Has he endured genuinely weird experiences? I think so.

W.M. Bear said...

Here's an interesting thought (to me, anyway). Suppose UFOs really are extraterrestrial in origin as Strieber seems to suggest. But also suppose the means that ETs use for inerstellar travel are thought forms ("tulpas" of sorts, that is, or whatever you want to call them). There are times when Strieber seems to be suggesting something like this (Jaques Vallee also) but he seems to toggle between this kind of notion and "solider" aliens who might actually be jetting around in real metallic (or advanced ceramic?) spaceships not too different from what we can imagine ala Star Trek, etc. If someone forced me at ray-gun point to subscribe to the ETH, my belief would tend more in the thought-form direction, I think.

Carol Maltby said...

Planet's dying, so the Others are going to rape some unwilling victims. "Get ready for my paradigm shift, baby..."
Which, if the accounts are true, would suggest that not all encounters are truly disembodied.

On a lighter note, today I was checking out the website of a Celtic band, Enter the Haggis. They refer to themselves as ETH, which is making other references to ETH definitely surreal.

Paul Kimball said...


One of the things you and I will always (politely) disagree about is Strieber. You give him far too much credit. I give him none, a conclusion that this latest nonsense just reinforces.