Saturday, March 24, 2007

I'm again tentatively putting this blog on hold, this time due to health concerns. I'll return when I have something to say -- and, more importantly, the energy to say it.

Thanks to everyone who's dropped by over the years. Hopefully I can exhume Posthuman Blues in the near-future.


Gerald T said...

Hang in there Mac, life gets a bit rocky some times, just got to see it thru/out thow.

I was knocked outof the game for awile but have hun in there, This 3d relm is mildly intresting, worth sticking about, get well soon my frend.

Respectfully yours Gerald

Anonymous said...

Get well soon. Here is my prescription. Find some fresh air, trees, and birds and go there. The world is a beautiful place. See the good that is here.
My thoughts and prayers (to the flying spaghetti monster) are with you.


Katie said...

Use all the time you need to take care of you. That's the most important thing.

I hope you feel better soon, Mac!

platts42 said...

How many ways are there to say get well soon?

Heal up hurry.

Feel better quickly.

Rapid mending?

Best wishes from your friends and fans.

dudivie said...

THANK YOU! Not for going out from here..Get well soon

W.M. Bear said...

Mac -- Whatever the difficulty, I will be sending you positive (and hopefully) healing energy. PB has given me many, many hours of pleasure and fantastic mental adventure! We all look forward to your speedy recovery and return.

gerald t -- Good to see you back in circulation again! I'll be checking in with Mars Relay a bit later.

Anonymous said...

take care--hang in there--the journey can get tough--i'm 65 and still fighting a chronic pain syndrome--but some of the bright spots make it worthwhile--

I agree with above poster-- you need some outdoor time--birds, trees big spaces

don't give up...

Anonymous said...

take care and come back soon man.

this blog rulez. :)

Paul Kimball said...

Hope you get better soon.


Chris said...

Take care of yourself. Thanks for keeping one of the best blogs on the net and hopefully we'll see you back soon!

Anonymous said...

Take care, Mac!!


NDL said...

Hey Mac, here's to your rest and recovery. We'll keep the embers burning until you return to stoke the fire.

All the very best,


e said...

Hey there Mac -
do what ever you must to get better...we are all in agreement here: a friend is ailing and we are concerned.

Anonymous said...


Key phrases: "health concerns," "something to say," and "energy." Even though I don't know exactly what you're going through, I think I understand to some extent what you're dealing with. Sometimes some R&R is needed to recharge the brain battery, but even more important is finding the right remedy for dealing with a chronic, spirit-draining health problem. Don't give up.



Carol Maltby said...

You always have something interesting to say -- but we understand that the energy and focus to say it aren't always as easy to muster. I hope your hiatus brings whatever healing you need.

Anonymous said...

ofcourse theres a lot to readfrom here bagwards but if yu re no present..

Anonymous said...

I will spare you my excessivly verbose and all too loquacious commentary and dark scenarios for the duration.

I agree with much of the above--time for a mild paradigm shift in directed fun-gathering and mind aereation of the most refined and enjoyable sort.

I will study my cognitive behavioral therapy tomes in the mean time. Just get out, do a little camping maybe, even, if you're into that. Some moderate aerobic and anarobic exercise tends to also work miracles of well-being and overall attitude if you give it a shot and are consistent about it over, say, at least a few months.

Try it, you'll like it!! ;')

Anonymous said...

get well soon

Dominus said...

My first roommate at my old house got arrested for drunken driving.

My neighbor, who was about 6'-5", 350 lbs. and had the mind of a ten year old, drew a... purple monster on a green dishwasher? Not really sure what that was, but whatever it was, he made my roommate a card that said:

"Get well soon"