Monday, March 12, 2007

Here's a photo of an alleged alien. Yeah, it's probably a hoax. But for some reason I'm not writing this off quite yet. Perhaps it's because the "alien" is so unlike the dreary parade of bug-eyed "Grays" we've been conditioned to expect, or because of the figure's comical gait (both of which, strangely enough, argue against blatant fraud). If it's a fake -- which it probably is -- then at least it's an interesting one.

(Note: The "alien" in the photo bears a vague resemblance to the "Hopkinsville goblins." Greg Bishop knows what I'm talking about.)

(Lead: The Anomalist.)


W.M. Bear said...

Passing strange. Some thoughts. I'd suggest that EITHER the letter AND the photo are BOTH fake or neither is. (I seemed to detect some false notes in the TONE of the letter but this is obviously a very subjective response.) One problem with the photo shows up in the enlargement where some of the green from the background (high grass?) seems to show through the figure but this may just be due to the lack of resolution. Whatever it is, it certainly IS weird-looking, more suggestive of an elf (to my mind, anyway) than an ET.

Doc Conjure said...

Fakety-Fake through-n-through.

BTW, it doesn't 'look like' the Hopkinsville goblins because there aren't any photos of the entities in that case to back such an opinion.

-Jason Gammon

Anonymous said...

Definite fake.

The "being" in the photo, if you blow up the larger pic on the site page noted, seems to be in sharper focus than just about any other item in the photo. Another giveaway is that there appears to be a slightly darker, tall rectangular box of modified pixels around the figure of the "being" itself.

And, finally, the legs of the figure seem "unnatural", it looks like it's wearing "clown shoes", and the "other" arm is "missing".

In this particular game, it's _four_ strikes and yer outta there!
Next batta, batta, batta?

Katie said...

Heh, my first thought was that it looked like Gumby.

Justin said...

Gumby! Now we're getting warm. My first thought was that it looked like something out of a Ryan Larkin animation.

Anonymous said...


I'd say fake. It just doesn't look right. But you're correct: the gait is so blatantly odd and it doesn't look anything like "conventional" ET imagery.


Anonymous said...

aside from the obvious, the point on his leg at which the knee is located would make it very hard to walk at all upright, for anything but a claymation puppet. This is ridiculous!

Paul Kimball said...


Mac, sometimes you keep too much of an open mind. ;-)


Mac said...

Mac, sometimes you keep too much of an open mind. ;-)

Possibly. But I got the comment dialogue I was looking for!

I think the "creature" looks like he's straight out of R. Crumb's "Keep On Truckin'." Hup, hup!

Justin said...

Yep, this obvious fake does have a strange appeal to it. The odd proportions of the figure are exactly what makes it intriguing.

The toons have escaped the wall screens!

Anonymous said...

oh, my Brother!

Greg Bishop said...

Yes, I got a lot of comments on it after posting something at ufomystic (with proper credit to you and the Anomalist of course.) I'm afraid it's a hoax, but it's fun to talk about nonetheless. Paul laments the fact that this sort of thing mucks up ufology. Since it's never going to go anywhere but these forums, I say let's have fun with it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I too bemoan the proliferation of hoaxes and the sardonic/sadistic impulse of some to fuck with us, but we should still have fun!

Hoaxes will always be with us, as will US government and corporate psyops and private efforts of skeptics and other assorted fruits and nuts who apparently take some sick pleasure in muddy-ing the waters, so let's just accept this and move forward.

Scientifically. Pragmatically. Testably. Realistically. Don't get hung up in the distractions, delusions, and debris of "samsara."

Just don't give up. Proceed!

It's kind of a zen thing--though one may trudge through and see a million miles of shit and mud, seeking the lotus of enlightenment, realize the _journey_ is the reward, and that while one may never see the lotus, it's worth the effort, if you are really dedicated.

Then, finally, maybe, when you truly realize this, and accept reality and the suffering that comes inevitably with it, You can Become the Lotus. Or something like that...;^)

There are some very good reasons Vallee is not part of the ufo "community"--he's been dealing with the bullshit storm since 1965! I say more power to him, his work, and his associates in the "invisible college(s)."

Now, as to that picture: what is it's provenance? It looks like a cross between Flaky Foont and White Gumby in the wilds of the Congo. Oh yeah, and an obvious, silly fake.

Anonymous said...

Too much ridiculous to be a "hoax"!
It's a cartoon character!