Monday, March 12, 2007

UFO Memories are NOT Repressed

Contrary to conventional thought dating back to Freud, victims of traumatic events do not subconsciously repress the memories but rather recall them with a clarity reminiscent of reality. In fact, people have more trouble remembering pleasant experiences than unpleasant ones. This startling finding comes from a five-year-study conducted by Canadian psychologist Steve Porter, who has discovered that people have much more difficulty recalling pleasant memories than they do unpleasant ones.


Anonymous said...

Sort of goes against Dr. Clancy's conclusions, no?

Mac said...

You mean Clancy's *foregone* conclusions.

Anonymous said...

The implications of this are that, for those who've had a "ufo encounter" or "ET" contact they cannot recall, either very clearly or at all ("missing time syndrome"), that the process of hypnosis might be tapping into some brain reservoir where imaginary scenarios are created, which then become actual false memories, which is quite damaging to one's psyche and well-being.

Unless the "aliens" are trickier than we can imagine. It's an open question.