Thursday, March 08, 2007

Climate is big issue for U.S. hunters, anglers

Trout like cold water and become stressed on hot summer days, because water levels are lower and temperatures are higher than would have been the case if the run-off came at more traditional times from April to June.

"We are finding a lot of concern among anglers and hunters about climate change. These people value traditions and their family and it will affect their children and their ability to enjoy these kinds of outdoor experience," Williams said.

Yes, you read that correctly: hunters don't like global warming not because it signals the biosphere's ultimate collapse but because it threatens their valued "traditions" (which, of course, is a tactful euphemism for "killing things").

(Compare and contrast to this post about ocean-loving coast-dwellers who simply won't tolerate unsightly wind turbines.)

(Thanks, Nick.)


Anonymous said...

Ah, "sportsmanship." It always brings out the very best in people, doesn't it?

Mac said...

Truly sickening.

W.M. Bear said...

Hunting is definitely against my personal religion too. I haven't absolutely decided about fishing yet, but am strongly inclined to place it in the same moral/metaphysical category. (I say this as someone who grew up in this culture and offed a few of God's creatures using both methods myself.)

That said, my reaction to the global warming issue re these activities is, "Whatever it takes." If Dick Cheny instigates realistic action re climate change because he's afraid it will cut down on his chances to blast friends in the face with birdshot, so be it.

Mac said...

Maybe I'm just rationalizing my own (relatively recent) consumption of seafood, but I'll actually defend recreational fishing. It's not a "sport," but I can appreciate it for what it is -- a relaxing pastime.

Of course, maybe I'm wrong and fishing is actually wanton slaughter on a par with taking guns into the woods and blowing away wildlife in an inane recreation of the the wars we humans are so good at waging.