Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Radio SETI take note:

ESA takes steps toward quantum communications

A team of European scientists has proved within an ESA study that the weird quantum effect called entanglement remains intact over a distance of 144 kilometres.

The experiment allows ESA to take a step closer to exploiting entanglement as a way of communicating with satellites with total security.

(Via Centauri Dreams.)


W.M. Bear said...

I've often wondered if the best explanation for the current failure to detect ETI signals wasn't due to the fact that any such signals would most likely be created using a technology far more advanced than simple radio (or even laser) signals. Maybe commincation using quantum entanglement is the beginning of our understanding of how this might work. Part of the idea too would be that having a "sufficiently advanced comm tech" is actually a qualification for entry into the Galactic Club.

Chris said...

Yeah, we may be looking for the wrong thing. On the other hand, we might still be able to detect technological civilizations 'being born'. If our development is at all typical, then whenever we see a planet suddenly outshine it's host star in radio light (as we now do), we could be pretty sure there was something going on there. That's only if we do SETI for REALLY long time periods though, like millennia.

Greg Bishop said...

How long before this rechnology is available to people like oyu and me for secure communications? A very long time, I'll bet.