Friday, March 23, 2007

Top Ten Cybernetic Upgrades Everyone Will Want

Transhumanists are philosophers who believe that one day, cybernetic upgrades will be so powerful, elegant, and inexpensive that everyone will want them. This page lists ten major upgrades that I think will be adopted by 2050.

(Via Biosingularity.)

Although this is a fun bit of speculative futurism, I disagree with the statement that "transhumanists are philosophers." While some transhumanists are indeed thinkers, the vast majority are parrots content to sing the praises of the imminent Singularity.

Just as undue fascination with the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis threatens to capsize serious UFO research, inordinate faith in an all-changing technological Singularity poses a formidable if alluring obstacle to the study of the world to come.

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