Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Chuck Bonnet and the Hallucinations

For those stricken with Charles Bonnet Syndrome, the world is occasionally adorned with vivid yet unreal images. Some see surfaces covered in non-existent patterns such as brickwork or tiles, while others see phantom objects in astonishing detail, including people, animals, buildings, or whatever else their minds may conjure. These images linger for as little as several seconds or for as much as several hours, appearing and vanishing abruptly. They may consist of commonplace items such as bottles or hats, or brain-bending nonsense such as dancing children with giant flowers for heads.

(Via PAG E-News.)


Anonymous said...

Thank You again for something highly useful!

Anonymous said...

Chuck Bonnet and the Hallucinations?

I remember seeing that band at the old Winterland one summer--they were even better than the Stawberry Alarm Clock! (...incense and peppermints..)

Or was it the Chocolate Watchband?

Of course, I may have been under the influence of certain things....