Saturday, March 17, 2007

The musical preview for my next Binnall of America Audio appearance is online. Good god -- two uninterrupted hours of me talking about UFOs.


Anonymous said...

Take some italian temperament with

Anonymous said...

why do you think that alien has such a pointed chin?

Mac said...


That's just how I drew him. It's a bit *too* pointed; think of it as a caricature.

Anonymous said...

No, I suspect his chin is drooping like a Dalinian soft watch because he's sad for the prospects of the human race.

All he's allowed to do is watch and wait. He can't intervene, as to do so would create a cosmic co-dependency problem. Gotta remember the Trekky
"prime imperative," and all that. (...though that never stopped Kirk! Khan!!!)

I would say, "Chin up, me bucko!" but his physical aspect, reflecting his psychic dilemma, is likely correct.

Or, as one of the little humanoids calmly once told me, "Save the Earth. We hope to colonize it someday."