Thursday, March 22, 2007


Almost 30 years later, police say the case remains open and unsolved.

Bob told officers that he had found the craft - a metal sphere, about 20ft across - in Dechmont Woods, Livingston, West Lothian.

As he approached it, two smaller spheres, each about 3ft wide and with metal spikes sticking from them, dropped down.

He said the smaller spheres rolled towards him and attached themselves to his trousers.

Bob described an acrid smell before collapsing unconscious on the ground.

When he came round 20 minutes later, he said his head was pounding and he was unable to talk or walk.

I don't know what this guy saw. But I'm personally satisfied that he saw something exceptionally strange.


e said...

Sounds like it came right out of John Shirley's Crawlers.

Mac said...

This is a good case with perhaps much to tell us. Unfortunately it tends to go overlooked because there are no big-headed "occupants" involved.