Friday, March 16, 2007

Many UFO occupant incidents have a surreal flavor that initially seems to contradict the phenomenon's physicality. If some run-ins with ufonauts are staged events engineered to encourage belief in (and subsequent dismissal of) the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH), "they" perhaps couldn't have done a better job than the 1955 Hopkinsville "invasion."

Arthur C. Clarke's maxim notwithstanding, the Hopkinsville "goblins" are an intriguing fusion of the "real" and the "magical." Their abilities seem calculated to tarnish an empirical approach to the ETH by introducing elements of the fantastic; indeed, these same elements would eventually be used as ammunition by would-be skeptics determined to denounce the account.

For example, the diminutive "goblins" reportedly levitated and proved immune to gunfire. While not necessarily out of the realm of possibility for genuine ETs, the entities' goblin-like appearance argues for an origin in keeping with folklore. If they were "real," then their reality might not be as amenable to the ETH as researchers would like. Conversely, the desire to debunk the Sutton family's claim appears little more than a protest against the episode's surreal nature.

UFO researchers like their aliens to abide by 20th century preconceptions of what alien beings should look like; entities like those observed in Hopkinsville comprise a kind of viral assault on conformist ufology by insinuating themselves into reigning conceits and quietly subverting ETH dogma. Ultimately, their existence is marginalized and becomes less ufological than "fortean." We're asked, in effect, to consider the Hopkinsville visitors and their like as somehow separate and distinct from "hardcore" case-files that more readily suggest extraterrestrial visitation. We do so at our peril.

Even UFO cases central to advocates of the ETH sometimes betray a psychosocial agenda. ("Dogfights" and radar-visual engagements with UFOs, while impressive evidence that the phenomenon is anything but simply visionary, also present the specter of an inexplicably "playful" disposition; this clashes with dogmatic assurances that extrasolar aliens would refrain from such childish behavior.)

Encounters with "Hopkinsville-type" beings demonstrate an undeniable commonality with both folkoric sources and the contemporary UFO phenomenon. Taken together, these inconvenient similarities force us to question the easy certainties that prevailed in the 1950s, when visiting space aliens seemed all-but-inevitable. "Limbo" cases like Hopkinsville allow us to assess the phenomenon in a brighter, less sullied light.

While one can argue endlessly in favor of a literal extraterrestrial interpretation, a holistic approach leads us to consider that the UFO intelligence not only wants to perpetuate itself via dramatic encounters with ostensible "occupants," but intends to discredit its own machinations: it stages exciting UFO events that infect both the research community and the popular imagination, knowing that the phenomenon's inherent absurdity will eventually undermine attempts to arrive at an indictment.

We're thus conditioned to accept the ETH one moment only to succumb to the "giggle factor" the next, never peering past the curtain to see the agenda behind the special effects. We're kept in a sort of amnesiac stupor, occasionally graced by visits from what can only be structured ET craft . . . and then deflated by the latest bizarre "occupant" report or account of "missing time."

Our infatuation with the unknown is systematically provoked and dismantled by a memetic campaign that's never less than astute in its grasp of human belief.


mister ecks said...

The Hopkinsville/Kelly case is hands down my personal favorite "close encounter" case in all of UFOlogy, largely for the reasons you've mentioned. It seems to defy categorization. Plus, it's just a flat-out entertaining story!

Anonymous said...

Much of what you are noting here is closely related to something that has fascinated and intrigued me for years, and that Vallee has commented on extensively.

Bear with me, as this post is lengthy, and rather speculative.

The wide variety of objects (and "entities") seen over time, and the multiplicity of behaviors, shapes, and kinds of "display" do seem to have a certain kind of odd, perplexing, self-generated "plausible deniability" factor inherent.

And yet, while there are some common themes within the "random" mix that have been witnessed many times over the past 150+ years (such as discoid objects, spheres [both metallic and illumined], and more recently large black triangles [plus "humanoid" varieties of entities], etcetera), can we suppose these more common "display patterns" to be the "signal within the noise"?

I'd have to posit that, no, one cannot assume anything like that in lieu of real proof. One must allow for the possibility that there could be a "design" or "effect" that our minds, due to a variety of structural, cultural, and other influences, leads us to interpret incorrectly what is perceived. Our "filters" need to be accounted for as having a major role.

And then there are these extremely weird cases like Hopkinsville, Voronesh, Pasgagoula, and others, in which entity types that are quite uncommon within the modern era of ufo research stick out, and sort of "monkey-wrench" attempts to fit things into the standard "boxes" of the more common models. So, more often than not, they are dismissed, ridiculed, and rejected.

I once read how when, if something appears to be nonsense, or unexplainable, instead of ignoring it or rejecting it out of hand (or mind), one should think deeply about and "look" very closely at it, since it represents "something"--even if unknown to the perceiver.

And the question becomes what that something really may be, despite how it may _appear_, or how it may affect our initial interpretations of same.

Vallee has also made note of the fact that the "random" _frequency_ (and location) patterns of ufo/uap phenomena over time being witnessed or detected by technological means (if not both in very many cases), might suggest a kind of Skinnerian random reinforcement schedule of stimuli, which, in B.F. Skinner's research, proved to be the most effective means for causing and reinforcing more rapid behavioral change and modification in his test subject animals.

(Are we possibly something else's guinea pigs? And, if so, to continue to speculate, for what purpose and to what end?)

Skinner's research and techniques were "superior", in terms of the _effectiveness_ of the behavior to be modified (leaving aside, for the moment, the ethical and moral issues raised), compared to the earlier standard Pavlovian models and techniques.

So, even if you eliminate the 90-95% or so of reports that are likely to be either misidentifications, prosaic, and/or natural phenomena, plus those individuals who may have generated "false" or inaccurate reports, due to mental defect, hallucination, belief system, hoax, or, for example, EM-triggered effects on the mind by some forms of plasma or ball lightning when close to the observer, and the subsequent inability to recall accurately the cause or source of the "incorrect" interpretation of said mental effects generated, there _remains_ the "hardcore" 5-10% or less of what appear to be some kind of phenomena that might indicate there is either an extraordinarily bizarre and unknown "natural" phenomena occurring on occassion or, possibly, some indications (if not proof) of some form of "intentional, non-human, advanced" display of an apparently artificial or directed kind, or "intervention" of sorts that, as Vallee has said, may represent "artifacts" of a sophisticated non-human consciousness or intelligence that exploits human nature and consciousness in ways whose purpose is unknown, but that causes a "Tower of Babel"-like infinitude of possible interpretations and perceptions, and that changes and evolves depending on the culture, place, and time of "display".


The RB-47 case. Unreleased CIRVIS and MERINT reports. Malmstrom and the series of "northern tier" and other military base cases. Happy Camp, CA in the 70's. 1991 in Belgium. Alternative and still classified reporting channels and programs. Incidents that occurred near White Sands, NM, in the 40's and 50's. Fatima in 1917. The 1952 and 1965 US waves. France in the mid-70's. You get my drift.

And, a large number of other still-classified cases that also present weird, and in some cases, reactive displays and behaviors that have still not been resolved in any genuinely scientific manner as prosaic or that can be dismissed as just rare or unknown _natural_ phenomena.

These kinds of cases represent the real challenge to science.

This core of "extreme" cases is what interests me personally most.

Yes, there are some "true unknowns", as PBB SR#14 noted in some detail, and that, even if more information or research had been conducted, as opposed to what the executive summary and the PR releases surrounding that crucial USG/Battelle-conducted study tried falsely to indicate, would _not_ have been able to be resolved as prosaic. The SR #14 chi-square tests show the elements of the true unknown cases were rather different than the basic unknowns or insufficient evidence cases they were compared to. Davidson and Maccabee helped establish that. And Sparks established there were quite a few more than the 701 cases SR#14 selected as true unknowns within the Project Blue Book records analyzed by the Battelle Memorial Institute in 1951 to 1953.

And it is those cases, similar to the recent O'Hare airport case, that are most significant and important to try to delve more deeply into, and to research on a really scientific basis, as they may represent the best evidence, as Fawcett and Greenwood's book title suggests, showing "Clear Intent".

There _is_ something going on, and has been for at least the past few millenia. I just wish I knew what it was or could realize the means to better seperate the mountains of chaff from the few kernels of wheat that only very rarely show, by their nature, something other than misidentification, human misinterpretation, or rare/unknown natural phenomena. But whatever its' true nature, it seems to indicate a form of advanced, non-human conciousness is affecting the human race over great lengths of time in a very subtle, but deep, manner. It's just too bad that only very few real scientists with the kind of minds and access to the proper tools, support, and methodology seem interested in this "deep" or core aspect of the phenomenon. The government sponsored "ridicule" factor, and social taboos, let alone the difficulty in being able to wrap one's mind around this very real possibility, again by its' very nature, seems to limit that kind of effort on the level of involvement and investigation that it would require and actually deserves.

Sorry for the length of this response, but your post touched on issues that are at the center of my long-term interest in ufo/uap phenomena, and, IMHO, is the most important aspect of it, and I felt the need to get these speculative musings out there and "off my chest." Your post inspired me, damn you! Just kidding. Although this was a truly "intense" post for me to write, I promise future comments will be, by necessity, shorter by far.

Just what is really going on, and how we may be being "manipulated" on deep levels over the long term is something that obviously should be analyzed _very_ carefully and with the best minds and technologies available.

I could be completely wrong. I don't want to believe, I just want to know the truth, either way, if possible and see the proof, whatever and where ever it may lead. I may never live long enough to see that, probably, but it sure is an exciting "meta-problem" and worth whatever efforts I can muster to help in the process of getting even just a little bit closer to the "truth".

We have an absolute right and a genuine need to know.

Especially in these perilous times, before it is too late for the kind of paradigm shift in human consciousness and endeavor that may be required for our very survival.

Mac said...

Mr. Intense--

Bring on the long comments anytime!

Anonymous said...

hey mister intense, in my country the only Valle's book that is edited is "Passport to magonia", and i'm pondering to buy more via Amazon.

Which ones would you recommend me?


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