Thursday, April 19, 2007

Create an Alien, Win A-Prize!

We won't discover the first alien lifeforms out amongst the stars, says Dr. Alan Goldstein. We will create them in our own laboratories.

Goldstein is a professor of bio-materials at Alfred University (currently on leave). He writes about nanotechnology and biotechnology for Salon and other publications. Goldstein recently conceived of The A-Prize, which is "awarded to the person or organization responsible for creating an Animat/Artificial lifeform with an emphasis on the safety of the researchers, public, and environment OR the person or organization who shows that an Animat/Artificial life form has been created."

(Via Reality Carnival.)


little rock said...

Whos that on the pic? somewhere i ve seen

Anonymous said...

Mac -- I think you should add "dieback" to the labels. There is some brilliant but extremely scary speculation here. If humanity is nearly (or completely) wiped out by some rogue organism, it will probably be one that we ourselves (and I use the term loosely) created. Frankenbug or some such.

--WMB as Anon

Anonymous said...

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