Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rudy Rucker's in Amsterdam and blogging every minute of it. I especially liked this observation:

The medieval people were really under the thumb of religion. They were endlessly obsessed with sin and punishment, and with the notion that God was always ready to judge you. A modern person might view this as a collective mental illness promulgated by the Church in order to scare people into giving them lots of money. But it's interesting to try and get into the medieval point of view. The sensation of being watched is not, after all, so alien to modern man.

The "war on terror" is nothing new.


W.M. Bear said...

The medieval people were really under the thumb of religion.

No more than we are under the thumb of the scientistic ideology known as "scientism," the latest evidence of which is Dawkins book re what he considers "the God delusion." Scientism exercises no less a hegemony over our culture and thinking than did medieval "religion" (in particular, Catholic Christianity -- why not just say it?) And this cultural hegemony is just as hard for us to realize and step back from as medieval Christianity was for, well, medieval types.

Kyle said...

It's the best reason ever to be cautious of being condescending and patronizing to people of the past. They'd look at our society and instantly feel at home with our prejudices, superstitions and magical thinking.

Anonymous said...

the sensation fo beeing watched in Foucalts philosophy! The reality z. if i may say the truth, not onlu watched but marionetted by god