Friday, April 27, 2007

Mmmm! Squirming octopus tentacles for dinner!

H.P. Lovecraft would have loved this.

(Hat tip: Boing Boing.)


Katie said...

I honestly have no problems eating something that used to have a face, be it bacon, beef, chicken, etc.

But I will draw the line at food that's still moving while it sits on my plate.


mr. intense said...

I second that "Ewwww...!"

Looks worse than the Gakh some mischievous Vulcans tried to serve Captain Picard on an episode of Star Trek. He trumped their joke by eating it and asking for more, I seem to recall...

Anonymous said...

I think Mr. intense was talking about Klingons rather than the vegetarian Vulcans.
I can just see "The Enterprise Mission" article. "Klingon food found on plate."


mr. intense said...

Yes, it must have been Klingons. My mistake.

Anonymous said...

Just the ticket after hunger-inducing sex with a giant bug!

RDB said...

I saw a program on television that broached the subject of various "unusual" foods, and live octopus was one of the subjects. It is not unknown for people to strangle to death from this particular delicacy, when the octopus "grabs on" with its suckers on the way down one's gullet.

I love calimari, if its tender and done up as tempura, with some garlic butter for dipping, but this is just too much.

Other foods on the program I saw:

- A delicacy sold from vending carts, like hot dogs, in the Phillipines. But hot dogs it aint. It's partially developed duck embryos, cooked in the shell. You crack em open, drink the black juice (said to be "delicious and very salty") and then eat the embryo whole.

- Scorpion soup, in Korea. Crunch 'em down, carapice and all. The guy who tried them said they taste like wood. Yum.

- The famous "bird's nest soup." It really is made with a bird's nest. A bird that makes it nest by disgorging a kind of mucosa that solidfies on a cave wall, into which it's eggs are laid. Commands a super high price, has the consistency of boogers.

One old guy was interviewed, and he was talking about it's health benefits, how it's a sovereign remedy for hangover, etc. Somone had it analyzed. Zero nutritional value. Bird mucus is not food.

- Cold jellyfish salad. It's a certain kind of jellyfish, which is collected, then laid out in the sun with salt, until it solidifies. It is then shredded and made into jellyfish slaw.

- "Thousand year old eggs." Not really a thousand years old. Wood ashes and lye (caustic soda) are mixed together into a paste, which is put into an earthenware jar, and then eggs in the shell are added. Put on the lid, seal it, and bury it in the ground for 10 to 12 years. Dig up, enjoy.