Sunday, April 08, 2007

How About Dumb Intelligence?

Or maybe such [ET] probes are smarter than that but are still "dumb." Maybe they're as intelligent as a dog, still having some sort of instinctive reasoning, able to learn new tricks, but that is kept under control by strict training. Such a probe would have more leeway in responding yet still be limited. Who knows, maybe an alien probe has a built-in invisible fence to keep Rover concentrating on his mission, sniffing out new life-forms.

And in those cases when an UFO is observed moving erratically, flying in a crazy pattern, it could be the invisible fence has failed for the moment and that Rover wants to play.

(Via The Anomalist.)

Bruce Rux has some interesting things to add to this theme in his wonderfully out-there book "Architects of the Underworld."


Chris said...

It's also might be that what looks erratic to us, might actually be just the visible 4 dimensional (3 space, 1 time) effects of activity taking place in higher dimensions. Imagine how confusing a graph of say, the Dow Jones over the course of a month would seem to 3 dimensional flatlanders!

terry said...

they are manydimensional
im having a logic conversation every day with Something invisable

Mac said...


I've wondered the same thing. If we're "Flatlanders" and UFOs hail from higher-dimensional space, we'd be like blind men touching an elephant.

There are some reports of amorphic, shape-changing UFOs that remind me of three-dimensional cross-sections of a moving four-dimensional object. You never can tell.

mr. intense said...

"...and that Rover wants to play."

Oh, jeez, that idea leaves me coldly chilly, with the hairs raising up on the back of my neck. Sure hope "Rover" doesn't see us as pliable dog toys to slobbered over, or chewed on, metaphorically speaking. Brrrrr!

terry.. said...

yes the world is flat still mac