Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Big Brother's Coming to New York

New York City is preparing to install more than 100 public surveillance cameras by the end of this year and that is only the beginning. As part of the Lower Manhattan Security Initiative several thousand cameras will ultimately be installed throughout the city by 2010.

One wonders if all those cameras will leave room for the inevitable police recon drones.


winston smith said...

There will be a short-term market for opaque cylindrical umbrellas with eye slots, covering one's head, until they are declared illegal as a national security threat. Hi ho.

Anonymous said...

They will become the new symbol of resistance as our starving street gang artists blind them with neon spraypaint. Grafitti will go virtual..Jobs will be created..A homeless' bonanza !it will take more to clean them than keep them, no more windshields and squeegees.. They can finally come out of the shadows go legit.Praise the Lord!
Those poor vigilant souls caring for our safety between cigarette breaks won't know whats happening.Ahh between cleanings..we will have a little freedom, if only to relieve ourselves on the sidewalk for old times sake just one more time.